just one outreach event

Emirates Stadium London


jjohn just oneSaturday the 8th July saw over 23,000 people gather at the Emirates stadium in London for an evangelistic event lead by J John.  The event saw thousands of people responding to the Gospel message preached by J John and a small team from TFM were there among those praying with people who had come forward.

Chris, a TFM team member, who was there writes:

"There were about 23,000 attending with, wait for it, 250,000 listening 'on-line'. People had travelled from all over.  It ended with J John giving a great talk followed by an appeal.  We talked to many who responded either inviting Christ into their lives or else re-dedicating themselves to 'put Him in the driving seat'.  Before the event had started, I had been introduced to a group from Nottingham and it was a great joy to see a lad I had spoken to previously give His life to Christ.  At one time I had about 30 people queueing for me to pray with them!  We prayed,  took their details and gave them a pack containing booklets etc.  It was a long day but a great privelege as always to serve our Lord. Next year, it's Gillingham Football Ground so start praying."

Use the link below to hear J John's message from the event.  You need to fast forward to 7mins before the video starts.