E.M.M.A.   Mission to Sumatra
August 2017

sumatra 4Dr Richard Scott from TFM and a team from EMMA (Evangelistic Medical Missions Abroad) have recently completed a mission to Sumatra.  EMMA are a group of health professionals who use their God-given medical skills in serving the poor overseas and combine this with an opportunity to share their faith.  Find out more about their work from their website.


Read this report from one of the team:

"We arrived safely in Medan after a long flight at 0830am on Friday. However, checked bags did not arrive with us.  They seem to have been left in Kuala Lumpur!  In the meantime Masao, our local host, arranged for us to wait at his uncles home in Medan while Tony and Richard went off to purchase medication and then to the airport.  Lily followed them as all the luggage tags were attached to her passport.
Next flight from KL arrived at 3pm.  However, the driver who was helping to push the trolley with the luggage was stopped at customs while the others had gone ahead. Masao managed to sort it after 2 hours of long negotiations! The team finally left Medan at 730pm and arrived in Kabanjahe (our base for the next 2 weeks) at 1130pm.
Tired and exhausted we got to bed having stopped half way to have dinner.
Saturday after breakfast we did a 4-hour clinic in a church building seeing 112 patients. Doctors examined some interesting patients. Prayer team prayed with some of the patients, pharmacy was busy and therapy seeing patients for mostly musculoskeletal problems and some stroke including doing some group sessions.
sumatra 2We had a lovely late lunch followed soon after by another lovely meal prepared by pastor Ocklins family at her home. The team then met some 100 youth and did some interactive discussions on life choices. Very well received.
Sunday- Travel began at 8am for a church in Kuta Buluh about a 2-hour drive. One of the team members was not well and Tony accompanied them to Medan to fly back to the UK. Tony arrived back at Kabanjahe about 430pm. While the team did a Sunday school class of singing and drama after church while other team members prayed for the individuals who requested for prayer. And later after lunch did some workshops with Sunday school teachers. An encouraging session of how to lead children to Christ. How to help with children and their concentration. Sessions was well received and very interactive and they really got into practicing some dramas on parables of Jesus (they had never done this before -teaching through drama). We shared lunch with the Pastor Bangun from Kuta Buluh church prepared by his family. We had a blessed time of Sabbath fellowship with brother sister Christians.
sumatra 5Monday 21st Aug was Caroline and Henrietta’s birthday and the team helped them celebrate with embun cake, an eastern (Cake) delicacy and a western butter sponge cake, balloons and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and durian the king of the fruits. Soon after we started clinic at a village in Munteh.  We were based in a community hall and started with some seminars for the local community. Some of the issues raised were smoking, unhealthy diets, stress, financial and family problems. We had them in groups to discuss this and facilitated the groups. We then had some drama to bring home the message on smoking enacted by Caroline and Dr Tony- well received. Later we had local folk dancing and singing gospel songs. Richard was the star of the dancing – beautiful. The team joined in and learnt some Batak dancing which the local loved watching us foreigners in action… Caroline gave her testimony followed by viewing of the Jesus film and Henrietta giving a gospel talk with many responding to the invitation to follow Jesus and local Pastors taking down names to follow them up. It was a long day getting home for 1am-tired and exhausted we headed to bed. Tuesday was clinic all day at the Munteh church and Rebecca gave a gospel talk which was well received and patients responded to the message on the rich young man and idols. We were fed well by the local team again another delicious meal.
sumatra 1Wednesday-We had an early start of 7am and headed out to the church in Munteh, Lily and Malti gave feedback on the seminar that we had done the previous day. Dr Richard did a gospel talk and this was followed by a drama by Dr Richard, Dr Tony and Caroline on burden and 2 choices. This was well received followed by a summary of the drama. We then started clinic late morning and was in full swing till 745pm only stopping for lunch and a 10-minute tea break seeing about 160 patients. Lots of glasses were given out and the team was very busy but we were all well looked after by the local church family. Henrietta had a little mishap with boiling water falling on her foot while we were travelling in the vehicle. The urn toppled over when the vehicle went over a bump. We were not aware of the hot water in the urn! Praise God we quickly poured lots of cold bottled water and wrapped in Lydia’s wet leggings as a cold compress for the rest of the journey.  Aunty the pharmacist gave her some sulphur Diazine cream. This morning PTL no blister and her foot is well- only some swelling from the heat.  Today we have a half day off so some of the team members are going to have some retail therapy of batik and sarong buying. While Drs R and T keep working!!!"

You can download here a full report by Dr Richard Scott on the mission.