Nebraska USA
Crossroads2Crossroads 2017
Old Rail crossing over the Pla

A report from John Lillyman over in Nebraska who has adopted TFM style mission work.

Men respond to adventure, it’s in their DNA, and men are experiential learners. With a sense of urgency, Rev Daniel Cozens once stirred me with the advice, “Get the men into the fields John!” With this seventh walk event I am seeing more and more the tangible fruit of assembling a band of Christian men and spending extended time together in an outdoor adventure purposely seeking to know God and make Him known. I love to see men taking the next step of faith and coming more fully alive to Christ.

Our C2C event was something new and unique in its format. We sought to support the Crossroads Rescue Missions; one in our town and the other in a town 45 miles away. Both positioned in beautiful Nebraskan countryside. Our goal was to raise much needed financial funds and awareness of this good work. So in just two and a half days we walked from one center to the other. All the way the men were led by a wooden cross in pilgrimage style, which was a visible reminder to us that as Christians we are followers of the Cross. It also acted as visible parading of the faith to all passersby and a conversation starter. Like a church bell tolling, that cross seemed to ask “Will you respect My Son (Matt 21.37). Yes, we were not just men going for a long walk, we were on mission! We went also wanting to have our hearts enlarged to better represent the heart of our Saviour who was a poor man who loves the poor, the downcast and homeless.

It was a glorious time. So many “God moments” unfolded and the comment from the walkers of “I am not the same man” seemed a common sentiment as we returned. Our friend, George Martin from your TFM circles, says there are three givens for any mission – you will get lost, the showers will be cold, and you will put on weight. We probably scored a 2 out of 3 as a generous family rescued us from the cold showers by offering their home for the men to shower in.

Twelve men participated in the actual walking. Twelve lives have been welded closer through the experience of mateship. Twelve lives that I believe will go back into their marriages, homes and community shining brighter for Christ.