Be Encouraged

street work 1How often do we have a conversation with someone about following Jesus and never see them again, not knowing if what we have said has had any effect in their lives.

We recently received this encouraging email from a TFM team member who was blessed to get some feedback:

'Recently a newcomer to our church told me that I was the person who had brought her to faith.  This apparently happened during Walk Offas Dyke ( 1996 ), when I went to her house for lunch and during this she was going through hard times with Drugs and Drink, she felt she was living two lives, my words to her were do you think Jesus is calling to you a new life.

I was overwhelmed as I do not remember the conversation, but this goes to show that the Lord plants seeds that take a long time to germinate.'


We may never know what effect our words have had, at least not in this life, but be encouraged and take every opportunity to talk about Jesus with those you meet and you never know, one day you may get some feedback like that above.