Giving to Through Faith Missions

Through Faith Missions is a non-profit making charitable company supported entirely by donations. We do not charge for the ministry given but do ask that expenses be reimbursed (travel and minor expenses) although churches involved will often make a donation to support the work of TFM.  We do not receive any direct funding from the Church of England or any other denomination.

Your gift, however small or large, is greatly appreciated.


Ways to Give


Regular giving

Making a regular donation helps us to plan our work ahead, giving us an indication of what our future income will be.  The best way to do this is by setting up a standing order with your bank.

online banking 2If you use online banking then you can set up your own standing order from your online account.  You will require our bank details which are:

Name    Through Faith Missions Ltd
Acc        00821378
Branch   Cambridge (Lloyd’s Bank)
Sort        30-13-55

If you set up a standing order in this way please let us know for our records and add your name as the reference.  You will also need to complete a gift aid form if you have not already completed one for us. To download a Gift Aid declaration form click here.

If you would prefer us to set up the standing order for you please contact the TFM office using the details at the bottom of this page and we will send you the necessary paperwork to fill in and post back to us.


Single Donations

chq 3

Cheque or postal order: These should be made payable to 'Through Faith Missions Ltd' and sent to the TFM Office.


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CAF Charity Card:
These donations enable CAF account holders to give financially in the same way as payments by credit/debit card. We are able to accept donations over the telephone or by instructions through the post, provided you give us all the details of your Charity Card.

Payroll giving logo
Payroll Giving Scheme:
Under this scheme, employees can authorise their employer to deduct charitable donations from their pay before calculating Pay As You Earn tax. This way, the employee automatically gets tax relief at his or her top rate of tax.

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A Legacy: Planning a gift through your will is an expression of your sincere commitment and love toward TFM. Such a gift represents a lasting testimony to your life's work, beliefs and values.

Click here to read our guide on why a legacy can help us and answers to a few questions you may have on legacies.

Click here for a brief guide we have prepared on leaving a legacy.

There are financial advantages to leaving a legacy. It makes a long-term commitment without affecting your current lifestyle. Legacies can be tax effective, in that your estate may be able to claim charitable donations in the year of death.

You could leave a specific amount or a specific piece of property, or you could leave a share of your estate. Whatever you decide we strongly advise that you consult someone who is legally competent to set up a legacy.

gaTax-payers If you pay income tax we can reclaim 25p for every £1 you give, irrespective of the size of your gift or how you pay it, provided that you have paid the equivalent amount in Income and/or Capital Gains Tax.  Also, if you are a higher rate taxpayer, you can claim tax relief on the donation in your annual tax return.

For us to claim the Gift Aid you need to make a Gift Aid Declaration and then we can reclaim tax on that particular gift and/or all future donations, whether one-off or regular. Contact us and we will send you a Gift Aid declaration form. Or download our form here which has a Gift Aid declaration.

Please advise us if you have been registered with us for Gift Aid but no longer pay Income Tax.

Non-tax payers Your giving is a blessing to us and we are grateful. There are no special procedures or forms for non-tax payers.


giving leaflet april 16
You can click here to download and print our giving leaflet and return it to us with your donation.  This contains information on how to give, including setting up a standing order and a Gift Aid declaration form.  Or contact us and we will be happy to send you a leaflet through the post.