Two Rivers Mission  -  The Colne and Stour

3rd to 18th May 2014




Read the reports below from team members involved with the mission


Two team members were door-to-door visiting in a cul de sac. One lady declined to tackle the questionnaire. In her garden was a settee and arm chair.
A few minutes later the members noticed a man and older lady struggling to move the furniture. They went to help transfer it to a neighbour's front room. The guy turned out to be a Christian, who had dropped away when his small fellowship had closed, and was delighted at the prospect of finding his way back. In the course of the conversation, the lady came round with some soft furnishings. This time she was happy to look at the questionnaire, and also happy to give her life to the Lord.

Having a blessed week. People coming to faith on doors, pavement, and a lady was spoken to in a shop and made her commitment on the pavement!  ' Praise The Lord.'
The church are fantastic, with a humble, but huge servant heart for their community.

kingsland 1My team based at Colchester was blessed in seeing 10 people coming to Christ on the doors, notably, with the salvations of 2 strong men, a paratrooper and a military policeman.  Praise God for strong men who bow the knee to King Jesus.

Springlands Christian Fellowship leafleted their estate (about 1000 houses) in North Sudbury for a Fun Day in the school grounds on bank holiday Monday.  There was to be a bouncy castle, free BBQ and lots of children's games as well as one of our team making over 100 ballooon animals.  They prayed specifically for a fine afternoon and 80 people to come.  They had a fine afternoon and nearly 430 people came!  Peter Adams spoke twice and our small team distributed lots of literature and did surveys as well as holding lots of conversations.  This event had the effect of really putting this small church fellowship on the local map.  Many folk commented on the fact that everything was free!

Harwich cropThe church had prepared prayer stations round their church building with a prayer tree for "please" and other spaces covering "peace", saying "thank you", "saying "sorry" and "forgiveness".  Although not many adults came two classes from the local school came and had a very enjoyable and thoughtful time.    They also held a comedy night where a Christian comedian spoke for nearly two hours, this was very well attended by local folk.    The church also put on a Healing service at 2pm on the Saturday afternoon, I had to confess that I didn't expect many people to come, but I was wrong and we were kept busy praying for folk for quite some time.

Whilst I was out with a very experienced TFM missionary participating in the requests for people to complete a ‘Personal Beliefs Survey’ on the door to door work a gentleman opened the door to us . . . He  rapidly shut it on our faces . . . we stood their speechless, I looked at my colleague and he said,
‘Well , of all the missions I have done, it seems that must have broken the world record in how swiftly a door could be shut’.  We prayed and then, yes, we laughed.
Undeterred we continued.  Very soon after another door was opened, a mother of a very poorly child explained her child has two terminal illnesses.  The mother spoke about her journey between hospitals in Cambridge and London. We spoke together at length strangely not on the question ‘Why is there so much suffering in the world’ but on the question ‘how might praying to God help!’  We had a beautiful conversation with this mum her whilst her poorly child held onto her mother’s leg. We prayed with her, she took a Knowing God Personally leaflet, we directed her to the prayer ‘inviting Jesus into her life’.  As we were about to walk away she thanked us for our time!  Moreover, she said she looked forward to the moment she could thank us again in helping direct her towards knowing God personally.  We thought that may well be the other side of Heaven. Praise God!

cakesHead Teacher accepts Jesus:  Following from the dramatized school assembly we spoke in the hall with the Head Teacher.  Not long into the conversation the question was asked if she’d complete the questionnaire and she agreed.  Afterwards a review of her answers amounted to the test score revealing a 60% pass rate. Her final answer was yes to knowing God personally.  Now unknowing to us the Pastor had been praying for her for some time. Especially for her back.  Going through the booklet the Holy Spirit worked intently.  Coming to the prayer, I pointed out that this prayer to accepting Jesus as her Personal Savour was her ticket to Heaven and would she like to say this prayer and mean it.  She agreed and was further and powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit as we praying together. Praise God!

DSC0230 cropVery anti-Christ objector accepts Jesus:  With only two of the team left on a Saturday night a Hot Potato event was put on.  I was forewarned that a very difficult non-believing man named would be coming along with his Christian wife.  Having never been to a Hot Potato event I was a bit concerned and I was the guest speaker to answer the questions. So I prayed.  On the night about 50% of those invited showed up to including this man and his wife.  After the dinner I started to ask if anyone had a questions.  No response. So I shared my Testimony.  Again I asked if any questions; again No.  Then I asked Pat to share her testimony.  Again asked for questions and again none.  So I talked about an event that happened in my life where God was clearly seen to be working.  Then the man challenged me with a strong anti-Christian approach.  God led me through a rather pressing time witnessing to the house with a conversation between the man and I for about 20 minutes.  Of which culminating in my offering to pray for and with him after the event. 

The man was suffering and needed healing from a broken spine he experienced 18 months ago through helping his neighbour.  He agreed to prayer.  There we were, Pam (the invitee from the church), Pat, The man’s wife and I Prayed for the man.  He sat there as I asked with hands resting on his thighs and eyed closed.  Shortly he appeared to be in a very deep sleep being swamped with the Holy Spirit.  His hands twittering and he was shaking. After about 15 minutes of intense prayer. All the sudden he snapped back to reality.  Looked completely different in his face.  Looking around he then said to me ‘What Happened?’  I said you tell me.  He exclaimed I feel great.  ‘What do you feel?’ I asked.  ‘I don’t know. I can’t explain it.’  ‘How’s your back feeling?’ He replied not bad.  I said to the man you have been touched by God and that feeling is the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.  I took out a KGP and went to the prayer.  Having gone through it he felt not sure but wanted to take the booklet home.  I said to him I wanted to see him tomorrow morning in this church.  He asked his wife if she was coming to church and she quickly said yes.  Next morning I hear Pam tell me that the man’s wife called her at 11:30 pm to say that the man just cannot put the booklet down.  The man came to Church.  After the service I went to him to talk and eventually asked if he was ready to accept Jesus and he did!  Praise God.  I found that he was in church the following week as well. Praise God.