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A report on the progress of the Walk the Way mission
Sat 19 June to Sat 4 Sept




This page reports on weeks 1 - 6.  Weeks 7 to 11 can be found here.  The blogs reads with the latest blog at the top so to read from the beginning you need to start at the bottom!

Day 43 Saturday 31 July

The team leader for next week, Keith, has food poisoning so won't be able to start on time.  Therefore, Maureen from W6 is staying on to work with Mark & Lambrini, both of whom are first timers, for a few days.  Prayers please for Keith to get better quickly and be fully strong; for Maureen, Mark & Lambrini as they began W7. 

Tim hands on the bottle of North Sea water to Maureen for W7 to carry on it's journey.


The E7 will be starting today at noon; Jeremy, Gary, Chris and Jamie.  Please pray for a safe arrive and handover from the E6 team. 

The 2 teams together and passing on the bottle of North Sea water to continuing its journey.IMG-20210731-WA0002IMG-20210731-WA0003

Day 42 Friday 30 July
W6 Update

E6 update

George writes, 'We were treated like kings last night by the whole Family of Phil and Bron.  We are all a little tired but pressing on to the end and looking forward to meeting the good folk of Stukeley tonight.  We have to take a lateral flow test today as where we are staying tonight, Fiona's, she has a brother she visits who is vulnerable, pray we pass with flying colours.'

W6 report

Thursday - W6 walked to Cilmery this morning ..5 miles and only met some sheep!  We then met with Jackie and Dave, visited the community garden and made prayer visits. We were happy to get a lift back to the hall at Garth as weather distinctly wet.

Ample food for tonight... So three of the team are at work in the kitchen!  And better yet, we will have enough for lunch tomorrow which is superb as tomorrow it's a 8-miler into Builth Wells.


W6 team 2 report - Chris and Jeannie

(Chris and Jeannie are also walking this stretch of WtW).
On Wednesday, we were joined by local Jacqui who blessed the team with a meal later and transporting stuff for them and opened up the next village hall for them later in the day.  What a blessing she is! We walked in the Epynt hills by the Military area. We managed to walk off the Way but met a farmer on his tractor who asked us if we were Ok.  Able to share about the VB and offered him a Hope mag which he accepted for his mother. Just got back to the car when it began thundering and lighting followed by torrential rain and hailstones!

Thursday was an awesome day - thank you pray-ers!  We met up with Nick and Carolyn a lovely couple from near Lampeter  who are going to make a Way station on the VB where they live. We started our walk in Builth Wells and talked with so many people and shared literature and prayed for some too. Able to meet farmers on or near the way and give them info. Because we had three wonderful dogs with us they were able to navigate through the six foot high bracken and find the path for us!! Otherwise a good track and quiet roads along the way. What a blessed day we had having been meeting very few folk along the VB until today. At least twelve folk heard about the VB and the Lord!
epynt hillscobbolds

E6 report

Thursday - E6 walked between Broughton and King's Ripton whilst Tom and Andy did door to door in Kings Ripton, completing the whole village by 4.30pm. Then they were taken out to supper by Val and Pam. Pam is a TFM supporter of many years. She did however say that she would have liked 3 'younger men' for her blind date!

The team were joined by Georgina for the day today.

Day 41 Thursday 29 July
E6 report

George writes,

'This morning we are speaking at a breakfast organised by Karen Street (who's husband Jason is serving on W6) of St. Ives Christian Fellowship and Georgina is joining us and we will be doing door to door in Broughton then walking to King's Ripton to stay the night.'

W6 report

The team reported this morning getting stuck in a traffic jam!


Day 40 Wednesday 28 July

Today marks the half way point of the Walk the Way mission; 5 1/2 weeks.  Let's pause and give God the glory for provision, conversations and many blessings.

'We give You praise and all glory.  For You are faithful.  We pray for all those we have encountered so far and those still to be encountered.  For seeds sown. For new growth.  Sustained and restored faith.  We pray to reclaim this nation for you Lord.  We thank you for sustaining and provisioning the teams as they step out in Your name.  Protect, guide and guard them Lord.  In the wonderful name of Jesus. Amen.'

We continue in His promise just the same as was given in olden days:

You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you, Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the Lord will be with you.’  2 Chronicles 20:17

W6 Report

Stepping out in faith.


E6 Report


Day 39 Tuesday 27 July

W6 Report

Tim writes (after the above video):
W6 set out to Llangammarch ...weather actually not bad until the rain began!  But we were only a mile or so from Jerry and Paula (where we had spent Friday night...they live on the Via  Beata and will have a prayer station installed in September). They offered us shelter, tea and lunch!

Onward into the village, where we were given the hall to sleep in tonight!

E6 report

The team have reported that they are in Earith today, doing door to door work.  This evening they are participating in a Men's meeting to be held on Zoom.

And a video of helping in Bluntisham church.  Earlier Tom had also hung some pictures in the Vicarage.  Rev Sheila very pleased!

Day38 Monday 26 July
E6 update

The team have moved on from Bluntisham to the St Ives area and George Martin gives us a review of the day in a series of video clips.

W6 update

Tm reports in...

W6 report from the weekend

AW 04880
W6 left Cynghordy (on Saturday) and walked the road to Tirabad. Conversations along the way, but no food or accommodation. Stopped at 8pm and got permission to sleep in a field....Jason revealed his talents in ropes and knots rigging up a tarpaulin, but it was a dry and reasonably warm night.

Onwards this morning (Sunday) to Llanwrtyd wells. Found a hotel where a lady kindly agreed to cook us breakfast - for exactly the amount given to us for food (thanks Dave and Carol). Now doing some singing in the town, and this evening is a service in The Well at 6:30pm.

Sunday afternoon with a churchwarden, the chapel service where we gave a testimony and then led prayers for healing...

This evening we have a bed! And food!!

Alongside the team, Chris and Jeannie, veterans of many missions in the past, are also in the area, walking the Via Beata and witnessing where they can.  They have sent in this report.

cobbold pathcobbold path2cobbold path3We went to St Mary's in Bluith Wells this morning for a service about pilgrimage! We were able to let the warden know the routes we are hoping to walk each day, approx mileage and descent and invited locals to join us. After the service we were able to talk with a 90 year old lady tending her garden. Sadly she said she ceased believing in God when she was 14 years old after a three year old she knew died of leukaemia. We talked at length and finally asked her the Belief Survey question "if you could know God personally would you be interested" wonderfully, like so many when asked, she said yes. She was very happy to receive a KGP and also Hope magazine and she assured us she'd read them both today. Praying!! 

The rest of the day we spent walking or attempting to walk the Via Beata from Cynhordy.  It was very overgrown in parts and a footbridge broken and impassable. Other parts were glorious! Only met one lady to ask why so impassable in parts. She said the local landowner had not been keen for walkers to cross his land so not kept open and discouraged. He's apparently passed away recently so she said there's an opening to reclaim the ancient paths. She took some info at least but didn't want to talk about the Lord. It ended up taking us over five hours to walk just six miles! We had some wonderful paths and prayed for the area and the people and places we felt led to. The weather was beautiful not too hot and no rain! In the Lord's strength and will we endeavour to go


E6 Report

The team helped at St Helen's Colne on Sunday morning In the afternoon they went d2d in the village there and then back to Bluntisham for the evening.
St helens colneSt helens colne2
The hospitality at Bluntisham vicarage was repaid in kind as Tom got out into the garden!

tom gardening at bluntisham

Day 37 Sunday 25 July
W6 report

Team W6 spent last night camping and reported this morning that they were warm and dry!w6 first night
They are up and walking along interesting (almost non existent) paths.
W6 walking

E6 Report

The E6 team are billeted in Bluntisham and, after spending yesterday afternoon walking part of the Via Beata route going south from there along the Ouse Valley Way, they returned to their base.  They are participating in the morning service at St Mary's Bluntisham and then planning to do d2d in the village.

George was spotted this morning preparing the lunches!

Day 36 Saturday 24 July - Team handover day
W6 hand over service

E6 Handover

George finds the first Via Beata route marker (the blue circle badge on the path sign).


Day 35 Friday 23 July

W6 gather


W5 report

After a delayed start to the day when the anticipated d2d work had to be postponed until the afternoon due to a large local funeral the team have sent in the follow report.

Good teamwork today between the 4of us.  This is the final part of Via Beata walk to our destination, Cynchordy, where tomorrow we hand over to week 6 team.  Highlight conversations:

  • A Quaker couple and lapsed Catholic and Beth who knows the walk well.
  • A man at the campsite at Cynchordy who is suffering after being bitten by a dog last week.  We prayer for healing.
  • A disabled lady ,60, in permanent crumbling back pain.  Multiple problems all her life which led to suicidal attempts.
  • An 89 year old man searching in a private manner.
  • A lady sat in car with Covid symptoms.
  • Many with new age, no belief and a resistant spirit but it was a privilege to pray against and walk among them.


E5 arrival at Bluntisham

Charles gives a review of the day/week so far outside St Mary's Church in Bluntisham.


E5 - Walking to Bluntisham

The team are walking the final leg of their section of the Via Beata today.

Extra W5 report from Thursday

Andy and June had good conversations especially with Paul & Bryn renovating a house, young mum Fiona who prayed much but needed more understanding & Lucy with 3 little girls (Andy fetched balloons from the van to make animals) who left her misbehaving husband & was struggling with the faith she had.

Martin spoke to a Lithuanian young man in his van travelling around and gave a Gideon hope magazine and other gospel literature freely received by others.  We meet with our local coordinator Rev Tim tonight then tomorrow (Friday) we hope for a full day door to door in our base village of Llanwdyr though thunder around presently!

And pictures of tired hot feet!



Day 34 Thursday 22 July

E5 Report

Dan Holland was asked to speak on Radio Maria on Wednesday to tell people about Walk the Way.  You can hear the interview here.


W5 report


Martin writes.
'At Talley Abbey ruins we shared the gospel with a family with 2 teenagers, mum  being an RE teacher.
Door to door team 1 of Kev and Martin gave a dozen KGP tracts, many people completed a survey and we left New Life tracts in empty homes.
At the last door prior to our sandwich lunch, Jack, in his 20’s confessed Christ after slowly going through a survey and KGP Gospel booklet.  His mum, Tracey, arrived did same and we left confident that she will too would come to Christ.  Glory to GOD.

Team 2, Andy & June, had great conversations on the doors and prayed for many giving out much gospel literature.  Some said they had been regularly visited pastorally by Tim, our host vicar here and we offered prayers for healing in some cases.
A lady called Helen came out of her door asking if they had lost their way! 
In the afternoon we had a river walk sharing the gospel as we went.
Chatted with a family from Maidenhead where Kevin once lived. They didn't take tract but we earlier placed one on on their car windscreen!
We met an older couple out camping. He was born in Congo to missionary parents.
We spoke with staff at a Gold mine !  A Namibian Christian lad from Reading, about 20, ran over. He comes to pan 4 gold! 
A family of 4 from Barry island who go to a Cardiff church .
Please pray for our long hilly walk in the morning on the "Via Beata" pilgrim way and subsequent witness.  Thank you for standing with us, the West week 5 team.

Day 33 Wednesday 21 July

W5 report

A video report from team W5 followed by a brief review of yesterday.

The team have had a good day walking and meeting people with many discussions, particularly around Pumpsant and Caio.  They have chatted with a few atheists, a family of 3, a Mum and her daughter camping - Mum not a Christian but daughter is - a couple who had been seriously 'hurt' by church in the past, an ex-nurse and a couple who were led to Christ who's daughter is a JW.  All these people and others need our prayers.

A special thanks to Andrew and June Gibson, who have been supporting and joining in were possible with this team and W4 last week.

E5 report

Gordan gives an update from the E5 team as they move on from Streatham towards Wilburton.

And a picture of Gordan enjoying a birthday cake that someone has provided!

George birthday

Day 32 Tuesday 20 July

W5 report

Today (Monday) was admittedly a gruelling walk in the sun but some great gospel chats along the remote "Way of Blessing". Steve an 'atheistic philosophical hermit', Barbara with niece Bella on horseback, a man with his huge logging machine in middle of forest and a couple from the city of London now in living on an isolated farmstead who said we were the 1st folk to walk past their home this year and only 2 last year (who were probably the ones planning this walk! ).

Please pray for aching limbs and blisters and for tomorrow's work knocking on doors   thank you. Tonight's supper!

A video showing their sleeping arrangements.

E5 report

Paula gives a review of the day.

After the early practice session (see yesterday), the team lead singing in St James churchyard Streatham.

singing in churchyard

Day 31 Monday 19 July

E5 report

The team practice songs this morning with Ellen, the licenced lay minister at St James Church in Streatham, near Ely.

Tao Hu on team E5 gives an update on how they are doing so far.

W4 report

Now home, George Martin, Team Leader of W5 which completed their mission stage on Saturday,

gives us a reflection.

Day 30 Sunday 18 July

W5 report

W5 have reported that they had a hot day walking down from the starting point at Rhydcymerau to Llansawel where they stayed and took part in the service this morning; Kevin giving an intro to WtW and TFM and Martin giving his testimony.  There and also on the doors in the afternoon they met and chatted with a number of people, some very receptive to hearing about Jesus.

E5 report

E5 pictures walking from Streatham to Little Thetford today to do surveys and visit an art exhibition!  Also spending time with 'new friends' for tea.  Very British.

sunday 18 july combined

Day 29 Saturday 17 July

The E4 team are now back on the road home to Ireland, staying tonight at St Cuthberts in Carlisle before catching the ferry tomorrow morning at 8am.

Ely thanksgiving and commissioning service

Dan welcomes the E4 team at Ely Cathedral.

W5 team arrive for the handover at Rhydcymerau Calvanistic Chapel.

W4 Last morning

E4's final trek to Ely

E4 final trek into Ely for the

Rodney reports from their travels on Friday.

We had an early start to move to Ely.  It was hot but we moved as a single unit. One in body and in spirit as God had among us and in us. Bringing salvation to needy lost souls.  The team called to thank Jonathan for arranging a place for a complete group of strangers to sleep for the night.

He thanked us for our friendship and told us a very strange fact - that he and his wife had never spoken with any neighbours in the area in that manner. He really enjoyed connecting with us and informed us that his daughter was a Christian - and that she didn’t get this leading from her parents. He really enjoyed the connection of friendship and I shared with him the message of hope and a prayer, in the presence of onlookers.
Thank you, he said as we moved in .

Approaching Prickwillow we heard a grievous noise after a car passed us, an apparent accident. As we ran up the road we found the spare wheel and its cage had come out from under the car, which ground to a halt 50m from a level crossing.  One of the team slowed traffic down 100 yards out while another directed it around the vehicle. One member helped the owner with the repairs while another witnessed to the wife and answered the children’s questions on who we were. The conclusion was that the husband thanked us from the bottom of his heart and his wife took a Via Beata blessing card and blessed us in return.

We tramped into Prickwillow just after midday gasping for shade from the blistering sun.  We spied a Anglican Church with the doors wide open and all stumbled in for respite from the heat….. straight into a Tai Chi lesson.  A spiritual seeker giving the lesson had bought the church and is converting it into flats, an art gallery and a community space.  He welcomed us with -Ah pilgrims!  He brought out his lunch and shared it all freely with us, making us tea and coffee.
We asked him to share his spiritual journey which he did in some depth.  Then we shared our testimony.  He listened intently and replied that discussion should always be like that, i.e. listening and properly engaging.  He seemed moved that we asked for and listened intently to his entire story, before relating our testimony back in a relevant form.

As we left Prickwillow, a huge man mowing the lawn stopped and asked if we fancied trying it.  It turned out he was a former Royal Marine who had served in NI. As we explained our pilgrimage he related that he had always called on God when his life was on the line.  Tony, an ex Royal Navy member, stepped forward and offered him a KGP which he earnestly and gratefully accepted.

Arriving on the outskirts of Ely about 630pm we had no bed for the night. We looked up churches online and rang Ely City Church.  They had heard of Daniel Cousins and TFM and were excited to hear of our work.  They quickly agreed to let us sleep in their sanctuary and bought us five of the largest fish suppers we had ever seen.

We thank God for the lady who led us through Ely to our church for the night. Alan very ably  shared the gospel with her as we went.

In conclusion, we want to thank God for the time in the harvest fiend field and thank John Margerison and the rest of the prayer support team for their prayers and words of encouragement. Truly the harvest is ready and we are truly thankful to God to allow us to work in his harvest field.

Day 28 Friday 16 July

A message from Dan Holland as he looks forward to going out with team E5 tomorrow Sat 17 July.

W4 having tea with provided fare.

Received this morning is the report from E4 from Thursday's activities.  Rodney writes:
It was a day during which we had a tinge of sadness and a willingness to see what God has for us for the day ahead.  We cleaned the halls the kitchen and the toilets and then met with Samuele, to thank him for his fellowship with us and support to us as a team. Then we said our goodbyes and left Brandon.
We Studied the map closely and we looked at a small place called Sedge Fen, half way to Ely. We went with a little food and very heavy rucksacks @10.45am.
Much of the route was in the through a RSPB reserve, about 8 miles of wilderness. We knew today we were not going to meet many people but God always has divine appointments as you have prayed for.
We met a young courting couple in the middle of nowhere in a tent and they were suprised to see us. Taylor and Charis were able to point out some important information regarding the area that allowed us a shortcut which saved us two hours.  Phil was able to wonderfully share with them the Christian message, a KGP and pray with them. When they heard what we were doing they were really challenged. She said it was a really positive message. Pray that they come to know Christ.
As we journeyed on through long paths some of the overgrowth was the height of our heads but thankfully it wasn’t mucky.
Over 8 hrs after we started we walked down a concrete path in the middle of nowhere.  I prayed, 'Lord where can we stay?'.   We sat on a wall at the side of a pig farm. A lady came to ask us what are you doing? I explained who we are and she said there is nowhere around here for you to stay. I’m sorry I can’t put you up.  I asked if she would fill our water bottles and she kindly did. Her husband arrived and we had a lovely conversation with him. He told us of an old disused community centre beside a condemned church down the road. He said we could go down and sleep there for the night.  We went and found it but it was locked. A car arrived with two people surprised to find us already there.  They then said they wanted to buy us some food. They came back with sausage and chips, Pepsi and Cadbury cakes for us all.  They also said there were 20 boxes of unopened clothes from the nearby American military we could help ourselves to!!!

We were so amazed at the Lords blessing today. Words can’t do it justice!
Amazing experiences we will never forget.


Day 27 Thursday 15 July

Huw Priday, International Welsh tenor with Sandy, a local lady, singing in the pole barn at Tom and Eva's on Walk the Way Team night. They had never met before.  Later on 4 people gave their lives to Christ. What an evening.


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Day 26 Wednesday 14 July

This morning from W4 near misty Capel Dewi.
misty morning Capel Dewi

W4 videos from yesterday


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Sorry, your browser is unable to play this type of file. You can still download it

Rodney reports from E4.
'Before setting out we met a young mother from the church who had shown great interest in accompanying us. She was wishing us God's blessing for the day so we asked her to pray for us. She felt inadequate but we encouraged her and she made the most beautiful prayer that set us up for the day, but more importantly, she amazed herself at how she prayed.
Malcolm/ Alan 
1 personal highlight for Malcolm meeting a young lady on the street who’s arm was in a sling. He spoke to her and asked if you could pray for her and she decisively said 'Yes'. Malcolm was then able to pray.  The young lady was absolutely delighted. 

2 Two ladies working in their garden completed the survey. One of the ladies wasn’t quite ready to make a commitment to Christ as yet but the other lady did. The lady that didn’t make a commitment had issues and Malcolm and Alan were able to speak into these and help clearly defined Gods' reasoning with it. 
3 A little Scottish lady picked up on the Irish tone.  She was quite willing to speak and proceeded to do a survey with her and we discovered that in her younger life she was planning to be a missionary.  She had got away from her first love and the boys lead her back to a recommitment. Praise God.
4 Another lady who had a condition that didn’t allow her to leave the house for 20 years was delighted to meet someone at her front door again.  The boys ministered to this lady and she was very enthusiastic to receive prayer which at one point was difficult but together they were able to pray into that her condition and she then insisted that she would love the knowing God personally booklet and the survey form to keep.
Phil/ Tony 
When visiting homes they came across a retired URC minister who was delighted to see peoples homes being visited.  It really encouraged the team and he prayed a tremendous power of encouragement over the guys just as Alan had been speaking this morning on encouragement in our team time.
While visiting homes they met a retired military man of the United States Air Force called Tom from the RC church and he made a commitment to Christ.
They met a couple who were deeply distressed by a family feud that was limiting access to their only grandchild, who was seriously ill. Tony shared his testimony of his many serious trials and the wife sat with tears streaming down her face. We prayed with them and then left them a KGP.
They met another retired couple, the man an atheist and her a COE believer who needed discipleship. Tony spoke to the husband while Phil spoke to the wife. By the end the husband was smiling while she promised to start reading her bible.
Another lady came to the door and told us aggressively she was an atheist as she held back her cocker spaniel. We declined to debate evolution with her but spoke of what an amazing Gods it would take to create such a loving dog. At the end she allowed us to pray for her ill aunt and that God would reveal himself to her.
Lastly we spoke to a young mum and the father of her toddler daughter. She was so touched we had travelled land and sea to walk 20 miles without money or accommodation to bring her the message of her rock of salvation in uncertain times.  She was so touched; we declined money, cake, tea and coke and told her the only thing we wanted was her to prayerfully read the KGP. She promised she would. She was also touched to find we were staying at the church her daughter goes to dance class and was very positive about trying a service.
Rodney’s day was like an empty sandwich.  Two rounds of delicious bread with no filling.  Delighted to meet a mother and daughter from yesterday (the mother accepting salvation) who were waiting in their garden for us today.  They told me that after I left yesterday she fell and broke her finger. So Malcolm prayed for healing in her hand and head.  They said they would be delighted to meet us again on Friday but we had to say we would be gone.
The middle of the day I had to turn to God in prayer as I was point blank refused at ten doors with nasty comments.
Where are you God? And God delivers.
Met a young gentleman called Leo and had a great conversation and I thanked him for being interested. Other doors were also very encouraging.
And finally I met a mother and daughter on the edge of the street. A divine appointment. They both were so keen in doing the questionnaire with both really thinking through every point. I used my evangicube (a type of tract that folds out in a cube shape.  See here for examples.) to explain the gospel. I thanked them for their interest and told them I would prayer that their interest would turn into something meaningful with the Lord.

Day 25 Tuesday 13 July
W4 leave Henllan and then arrives at Long Barn.

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Reflections of a reluctant missioner!

As I wrote in this blog way back on 17 June (writes David Baslington), I am a reluctant Team Member!  So now, after returning from 2 weeks away in sunny/wet Wales, what are my reflections?

Was it worth it?  Did God provide? Was I meant to be there? Absolutely. 

The first week, W2, we were due to walk between Llanhowel and Syncpant National Park which is next to the prayer retreat centre Ffald y Brenin.  We certainly did this but God wanted us to spend the week in Letterston, the largest place on the route, where there have already been discussions about establishing a Way Station for the Via Beata. 

Wherever we went, churches and chapels were closed.  We didn’t manage to make contact with any leaders from the chapels anywhere.  However, Letterston Church in Wales warmly welcomed us and provided for our needs; warm dry accommodation in a marque and plenty of food.  Why were we there?  Certainly we did a fair amount of door-to-door work but also a lot of praying as we travelled around.  Most importantly though, we were there to encourage and support the Rev Susan, the Vicar.

During the week, the concept of the Via Beata – The Way of Blessing became very real to me.  No matter who we spoke with, to walk the path, to travel the land praying as we went, meant a huge amount.  I sensed an outpouring of blessing from God through us, almost as if it was to flood the surrounding land and bring a blessing to it and the people living there.

This carried on into my second week (Syncpant National Park to Newcastle Emlyn) which was vastly different to the first.  The route was significantly less populated; even less people to speak with and yet as we walked, I again felt this outpouring from us on the land.
Different accommodation each night.  Many miles, Sore shoulders and feet and yet a continued blessing from God for all our needs and more.

As I wrote in the blog (Day 20), our visit to Cenarth church was particularly significant for me.  I couldn’t settle in the Church to pray.  I couldn’t even sit outside.  An overwhelming need to walk around the church praying and reading John’s Gospel, first facing inwards, then out to the community.  As if the Church, which is set on a hill overlooking the town but now shrouded by mature trees, was to become a new refreshed place; a river or fountain of blessing encircling, filling and outflowing.  Whether this is for tomorrow, next week or in years to come I had no concept other than if we hadn’t been there then this would be restricted.  God wanted us to be there to be His enabling instruments.  Bringing the Way of Blessing to THIS community.

Am I glad to be home?  Definitely.  Would I go again?  Ah well that’s a different matter!  Of choice no.  But then it’s not my choice.  It will always be a response to His call.  (But I am glad to be back at my desk this morning!).


Day 24 Monday 12 July

W4 Report

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E4 reports;
Got a good nights sleep after playing with 20 Children in the soft spongy area last night during the football intervals.
D2D today in Brandon
Tony / Phil prayed with a young lady who said her house was possessed she was really concerned and her children were annoyed so they prayed for  peace to come into the home.
Malcolm/ Alan spoke with a young lady who asking that the church get in contact with her again as she had enjoyed the fellowship when she was here before at the toddlers group sometime ago and was keen to restart.
They also spoke with a young man who didn’t know God but his mother does they give him literature to take to his mother and talk about the things of God to her. He had been in prison for four months.
Today I spoke with a middle-aged mother who said she was seeking.  She really thanked me and said a lot of the things I had shared with her were so helpful she is going to talk tonight with her husband who is also seeking and they want to go to church. 
A man did the survey whilst he was sitting on a fence  We shared the gospel with him and he wanted to accept Christ when he prayed the sinners prayer he cried and said he hasn’t been emotional for a long time.  He said he was really touched.
Spoke with Sarah and her mother. A lovely conversation that took the mother back to when she used to play the organ in a COE church.  She said the only prayer she prayed was the Lord’s prayer.  I asked her if she would like to accept Christ she said yes she had never done that before.  She encouraged Sarah, who was in her mid mid fifties, to pray the prayer also but she’s just not quite ready yet.
Two doors on we met a couple who did the survey.  Although  there answers differed, they both said they wanted to accept Jesus which they did.  They hugged each other and thanked me from the bottom of their hearts for calling on them and gave permission for the local church to call with them.



Day 23 Sunday 11 July

Rodney reports from the E4 team;
E4 Sunday

'God be praised for His faithfulness. God has called us and given us his Message of hope to give to the people.  As I spoke in church with a combined presentation from the team and also using a verse Tyrrell (in the morning team team) had given us it was clear that it was a blessed and fruitful.  Tony lead Mark to the Lord after Service.

The young pastor of the church here is from Italy and his wife is from Germany.  They are a lovely couple they have two children; a true blessing to us.

In the afternoon we headed up the town with a table and literature and Reggie’s little box. Phil have printed out hymns to sing.  Just beside us was a pub with over 50 people in it.  I went over to the group and told him that we will be saying we wish them good.  We were able to sing to Christian songs.  Over 50 of these people they all started to sing sweet Caroline obviously we were outnumbered!  We then decided to do something that we had never done before we went into the pub spoke to them and brought them a drink when I find out we had no money for ourselves only money to bless others with they were truly amazed.

What do you think happened?  Many of these guys came out of the pub and stayed with us in the middle of the time and we sang together sorry it wasn’t hymns!

When we had finished singing we stayed with them and told them of our calling.  They couldn’t get over us.  We then told them of our calling it was amazing what God can do.  Tonie and Malcolm lead and prayed for a young man called Daniel as he sat in the town centre he wanted to be saved.

Phil and myself went down to the pub again and give out knowing God personally to others who were listening to us.

Afterwards we headed down the river we sat on the riverbank we took our boots off and put our feet in the water we noticed a lady and her husband fishing.  Alan had a good conversation with the lady she had never read a bible I was able to give her a New Testament one from my rucksack along with a word for the day.  When we returned back up the river half an hour later she was sitting reading the word for today she thanked us and told us of what she was doing they were kind enough to allow me to take a photograph of them reading the word.

When we left the riverbank we again passed another pub many people were sitting outside I spoke with Patrick he told me his wife was a Christian I gave him testimony and a booklet and told him to read it along with his wife he then introduced me to his father who originally was from Portadown the father listened.  Meantime Phil spoke with Paddy and wrote his phone number on the back of the card we were well received.

Later last night the paddy’s wife contacted us to say that she was so glad God Had answered her prayers.  She  wants to meet us in church she has no church and she wants to come and pray.
These are some of the stories of praise to our faithful God. Please continue with us to give thanks and praise.

We are being well looked after and are well fed.  Last night it was lovely to be in a comfortable environment listening to the rain outside.

Keep praying Rodney'


George Martin writes in from the W4 team:
'We have already been told what an encouragement we are, so please keep praying for open hearts and open doors.
I am speaking this morning in a local village, please pray for me and Daniel Brady who is giving his testimony.'



Day 22 Saturday 10 July (3rd handover day)


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W4's journey starts : )


West 3 getting ready for handover : )

St Peters Brandon 1St Peters Brandon 2St Peters Brandon 3St Peters Brandon 4

St Peters Brandon 5St Peters Brandon 6

East 3 final day spent at St Peters Brandon, what a blessed way to finish.


Day 21 Friday 9 July


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West team final day 

East team final day:
Spent some time in Brandon praying with people in market place.
Rev Sharon and Rev Dennis have welcomed us in for bbq and overnight! 
Thank you Jesus for answered prayer. 


West team: proclaiming God's word over the town and preparing for W4.

East team at Sparklers : )


Day 20 Thursday 8 July

Jonny Cash EveningGardenCamping
East team: an evening at Chris and Sara Goveys', doing Jonny Cash followed by garden camping.

All set for the night : )

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David writes in:
'Good day today in Cenarth, door to door in the morning, with couple of great conversations.  Then sat for lunch by the river. Chatted with people but no faith chats.  
Spent afternoon with 2 ladies at church, Liz and Alison, praying then chatting. Real humbling personal God moment for me - I felt called to read the gospel of John and pray around the outside of the church NSEW, most of it in tongues - something I rarely do, a pouring out of a blessing both to the church and out to the community, that there would be something special to happen. 
Praise God.'

West Team: Lunch in Cenarth by the river. 
Some door-to-door here so far and a meeting this pm with a group in the Church.

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A new morning : )


Day 19 Wednesday 7 July

Tom and Carrie Goucher in Croxton have given East Team a barn to sleep in, plus a vegetarian dinner, fresh bread and shortbread.  
May God bless them and their soon to be born baby!

Found it!
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West Team update : )


Georgina writes in:
'We had a good rest last night and the Lord made it very clear that this was the place to be.
Thanks to Sharon, church warden WWE awoke to a bag of lunch in the porch! On into the forest now.
God speeds our walk on the way of blessing.'



Day 18 Tuesday 6 July

West Team update:
Team had a good morning walk over to Boncath, stopped at a small holding on the way to do a survey with Margaret who offered to refill water bottles - a lovely blessing;
In Boncath, team did door-to-door for a couple of hours, met two ladies, both of whom had moved there just before lockdown and both husbands had then died.  Both lonely and isolated, team were able to pray for them;
A kind taxi driver gave team a free ride to the next village;
Praise God for a kind friend of Fiona's, who supplied team means to stay in a b&b for the night so that sleeping bags etc can be dried, and the pub landlady kindly offered tumble-drier - doubly blessed. 

St Ethelbert
Praise God - Team made their way to St Ethelbert Wretham,
where a WTW poster had been displayed on the wall and their lovely churchwarden Sharon opened church up for team to sleep in!

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Roundham walk and camp for the East team today, please pray for dry night and some dinner.

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learning some trade along the way: )

David's Monday night follow-up:
'The night was very wet and windy. Unfortunately Fiona got wet and cold. 
Will need to see what we do Tuesday night as sleeping out won't be possible.'


Day 17 Monday 5 July

Georgina writes in:

'Had a great day walking the way. Got to East Harling at 3, then spent a couple of hours on the doors.
What a brilliant afternoon talking to so many people who were open to faith, Jesus and the Living God!'

'First night out in a field! Raining outside so in bed early. Odd day yesterday where we walked 6 mile to end up only 3 from where we started, but met some interesting people to chat with. Today walked to Crymch, my boots decided to part company with soles! Rev Jonathan brought fruit and a gift to buy f&c (3rd in 2 weeks). 
Walked out of village and picked up by lovely lady Angie with her daughter on way home to help get up a big hill.  
Had intended to camp in Woods but all fenced off. We'll see how the night goes.'

E3 had a good afternoon door knocking with some great conversations. Tomorrow is very uncertain so much prayer needed as to where to stay!

Sister Karen from Quidenham Mo
Sister Karen from Quidenham Monastery


Until next time : )


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Team setting off again : )


Day 16 Sunday 4 July

'A warm welcome from East Harling Methodist Chapel. Their service was dedicated to Walk the Way! Thanks to these lovely people we have somewhere to stay on Monday night after walking from Banham via the waystation.'

Georgina sends in:

'It is a beautiful thing, that moment when you Know God has spoken through words you have said. These words came from God himself and he has chosen you as his vessel. Oh joy, to know that all of us, in our weakness, are able to serve the Servant King!'

Messy church on a beautiful sunny day : )

E3 at Banham 


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W3 morning greetings

Tim writes:
'E3 in Banham...this morning discovered a lady whose relative gave E2 a cup of tea! The wave of God's blessings is moving across the country...one will tell another...'


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Team rehearsing for Messy Church : )


Day 15 Saturday 3 July

W3 first night blessed with soup and roll : )


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E2 and E3 Handover service at Banham together with our honoured partners Steve and Gill and co from Via Beata, thank you Lord for your Way of Blessing!

E3 sendoff : )

W3 setting off : )

David preparing for week 3!


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Handover day morning greetings


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Greetings from Tim this morning at West switchover 

Greetings from E2 : )



Day 14 Friday 2 July

Fish n Chips on the menu tonight - thanks to His provision of another kind gift : )

A very active morning cleaning the church ..but now a little rest as David prepares the final leg of our walk!

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Thankful for God's provision for another day (and night) and fellowship with His people

New Buckenham
Thankful for a lovely welcome to New Buckenham : )

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Good morning Friday : )


Day 13 Thursday 1 July

Rev John Madinda welcomes our team to Tibenham Church and shares morning prayer, such a privilege to spend time here.

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Morning on a mission : )


Breakfast filled us up with ever more thankfulness.


Day 12 Wednesday 30 June

Tonight's Feast
E2 given feast and Tibenham church hall to sleep in tonight, thank you Lord for your continuing kind provision.

outdoor bible studyOutdoor Bible and lunch at Gt
Outdoor Bible study, praise our God. Lunch fellowship - His blessings keep on multiplying.

Gt Moulton waystation
Greetings from Great Moulton waystation : )

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WTW doorknocking
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Morning fire, keep praying.

Day 11 Tuesday 29 June

another dinner provided by Him
Another dinner provided by Him through the kindness of Angie and John. Our God is good!

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E2 moving onto Wacton - with added numbers! Praise God.

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E2 at Longstratton


E2 @ Longstratton coffee&chat


Day 10 Monday 28 June

hot dinner
E2 Hot dinner delivered to church. First hot meal since soup Saturday night! Thanks to Robert and Charmaine Cooper!
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Evening on mission (W2)

David (and Wallace) - who kindly invited our team (E2) in and provided them with refreshments and lunch : )

E2: ‘A man in a van stopped to give us £20 for food – so we are now en-route to a farm shop for supplies!’ Thank you Jesus.

Onwards and upwards WhatsApp Image 2021-06-28 at 0WhatsApp Image 2021-06-28 at 0
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'Eastern risers' : ) 


Day 9 Sunday 27 June

Now a short break : ) E2 resting

E2 sends in: Giving thanks for Mark at All Hallows for allowing us to sleep on the grounds, and for Linda for feeding us soup last night and porridge this morning, and the lovely vicar and congregation at Broome Church who gave us piles of biscuits and chocolate to keep going. 
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W2 outdoor service at Little Newcastle, praise God! 


Day 8 Saturday 26 June - First Changeover Day

West 1 & West 2 handover  : )  W1W2handover 
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11e8162c-465d-4bb7-bd16-a8e20d ada35e8e-c0b0-4a4e-b714-2854f2
E1& E2 handover at Belsey Bridge, start of week 2 with the Rural Dean and others coming to bless, celebrate and commission!
And team meeting and talking to people, thank you Lord Jesus.

Morning greetings from some of our week 2 walkers : ) 

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Day 7 Friday 25 June

Week 2 teams start packing and getting ready. packingpacking1packing2


Day 6 Thursday 24 June

Talking Jesus is what we are out doing! 
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Ross H from W8 writes in with a message of encouragement:

Two similar things from different people in west 8 team - the same message of encouragement.
1. I’ve been thinking quite a lot about “the way”, mentioned in Proverbs and Isaiah, and referenced I think by Jesus when he said “I am the way, the truth and the life”. The Via Beata is the Way of Blessing that we will follow. It is my prayer that we would leave a ‘Trail of Blessing’ behind us, in our wake, as we talk of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Every prayer, every discussion, every blessing on a home, every meal shared, every kind word, every loving word will add to that trail of blessing. Nothing that we do will be inconsequential.
2. Our Church this week prayed for Dan and walk the way at church. A lovely lady cherry had a picture of the ripples in the wake of a boat, the impact of walk the way rippling out behind the walkers across the UK.


Overnight news from yesterday with E1.

ringfield hall
We have been at Ringsfield Hall all day, resting after 43 miles in 4 days. The Hall is now being reclaimed as a Christian retreat, school holiday and eco centre and has a renewed vision and new Christian trustees and managers, but is starting again from a very low point. We helped with gardening-Dave mowing a sports lawn on a sit on mower, Peter weeding the front drive, me hacking the weeds in a chapel garden. The Hall needs prayer and new volunteers and friends to reclaim it as place for the Kingdom.


Day 5 - Wednesday 23 June

bawdy Farm Church
The W1 team are out in the villages today around St David's.

George Martin entering Bawdy Farm Church.  The ancestors of the family still there today came from the Netherlands in 1542, brought over by Henry VIII to teach locals to weave.


Testimonies from 2 W1 team members recorded today.

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E1 walking the Via Beata and passing the Way Station at Ringfield Hall.

way station Ringfield HallE1 walking



Day 4 - Tuesday 22 June

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resting at Whitchurch

Resting by the church wall in Whitchurch after walking from Solva. In Solva on the Quayside we spoke to 10 people about Jesus and gave away 7 KGPs.

News from E1 received last night.
3 to 5 miles per day? In our dreams!  30 miles so far, some of it by our choice and some required as Emergency. Great start on Saturday.  After commissioning, we went to the South Pier in Lowestoft and celebrated communion. Within a hundred yards of starting from that point we had our first God blessed encounter with a family from London. Many have followed although there have been some significant distances between some of them.
Saturday night we discovered our equipment was inadequate for the rainfall and on Sunday we sought a local relative with hot showers and a tumble drier. Were offered food and drink AND a lightweight 4 man tent! Dry last night! Ahhh. Tonight (monday) we have been blessed with tea and cake and the offer of the undercroft at Beccles parish church to sleep in. Thank you Lord.

w1 at the beach2
News from W1 received this morning.
Today we walk to Solva then onto Whitchurch to meet the locals and have lunch on the way.  We are having a late breakfast, 9am, today as we didn't get home till 11.15pm last night.  Great time was had on the beach last night both praying for 3 people and having fun singing and worshiping God. A beautiful mid summers day ending with a glorious sunset.  Thank you for praying, 
Your brothers and sister in Christ,  
Team W1.

Tim Writes:

Sat 19th June was an amazing day for me – this ‘Walk the Way’ has been with me – with us – for two years now. Planning, discussing, wondering, praying  - yet here it is beginning!

And I’m so conscious of God’s timing… Matthew 13:31-35, where the Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, growing or like the yeast working in the flour. Thirty years ago, my then colleague and friend Peter Adams declared there should be a Walk mission across the country… and here we are, given that job to do. And during that time, the seed has grown, people have been prepared and are now prompted to join the teams, to work with the teams, to see God’s glory as this Walk advances across the UK!

And so on Saturday I stood with the team at the commissioning service on Whitesands beach – singing ‘In Christ alone’… and recognising the truth of that statement!


Day 3 - Monday 21 June

E1 have reported in that they slept out in the dunes at Lowestoft last night..... and got rather wet!  However, as a consequence someone has given them a tent to use.

They also reported that they were working in Lowestoft and gave a Knowing God Personally booklet (KGP) to and chatted with a man they met.  As they moved off the girlfriend ran after them to say 'Thanks' as she had been specifically praying that he would get a sign from God that day.

Erw Dewi community garden

W1 spent time working at the Erw Dewi (David's Acre) community garden with members of the Groesfan community church and friends.  (bigger image on their Facebook page via this link)


Day 2 - Sunday 20 June

Waiting to hear from the 2 teams to see how they have fared on day 1. We do know that W1 are been wonderfully supported by St David' Cathedral in their Pilgrim Centre but we think that E1 slept out last night.  

I was informed this morning that yesterdays Lectionary reading in the Anglican Church was Matt 6: 24-27'

25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

We bring before our wonderful God the 2 teams for all His care and sustaining strength.

Day 1 - Saturday 19 June

The W1 team at Whitesands Bay.  Not sure who came up with the idea but both west and east teams are collecting water from the respective seas to carry, passing from team to team to meet on Sat 4 Sept at Redhill Christian Centre.

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Early morning at St David's  The W1 team seem to be blessed with accommodation for the week as needed by the Cathedral.  Praise God for His provision.

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The East 1 team gather at the first  in Via Beata way station in Lowestoft with Steve and Gill from the Via Beata project.

The Glory of God Gives It Light, Kirkley Rectory, Lowestoft.

The words on this art-work come from The Revelation of John chapter 21 v 23.
John was a prisoner on the Island of Patmos, where he was shown an amazing vision of Heavenly things. His record of what he saw makes up the last book of the Bible.  Towards the end of this book, John is given a glimpse of the “Heavenly City”. It is so wonderful that he struggles to find suitable words to describe it. 
Here he tries to explain the nature of the supernatural light in the place, and how it touches the nations of the world.  Our prayer is that something of this heavenly light will infuse the town of Lowestoft, bringing blessing to everyone.

Ness Point
The E1 team gather at Ness Point for the Commissioning Service.


Friday 18 June

Travelling day for the teams in the first week.  Here is a video from George Martin who is leading W1.

Sorry, your browser is unable to play this type of file. You can still download it


Thursday 17 June

David Baslington writes:
As I write there is less than 2 days to go before the mission officially starts.  Tim and Georgina are traveling to Monmouth today to prepare for another mission there later in the year before then going to St David's to welcome in the Week 1 West Team (Dan will be welcoming E1 in Lowestoft).  Team members themselves are probably preparing to travel tomorrow, Friday, to be there in time for their mission start.

For myself, there are 8 days to go before Dan Holland and I travel a week Friday for the start of West 2 with our fellow team member, George Gorniak.  This will be the beginning of 2 weeks for me as I am also serving on W3.

Although I work for TFM, many will know that I am a reluctant team member!  Indeed, when it became clear that God was calling me to serve on W3 as well (at a recent staff meeting) I held my head in my hands, elbows resting on the table, almost pleading with Him to let this moment pass!  But I knew I couldn't say no.

I've just read again Ch 6 of God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew which we have been given to reproduce and share with all those involved in Walk the Way (if you haven't read the book then I do recommend it to you and perhaps especially this section).  The chapter, entitled 'The Game of the Royal Way, describes Andrew's journey through training and the covenant he made with God to 'provide' as he went about His work.  Very appropriate as all the teams step out on this mission.

Strangely, I don't particularly find myself worried about the provision for needs; food and accommodation!  No, my concerns are 'What do I say?', 'Will I miss an opportunity?', 'Will I disappoint either God and/or the Team?'.  Lots of 'I's'; me focussed.

At that meeting where I signed up for W3, Tim shared a passage from Mark 10:32:

‘They were on their way up to Jerusalem, with Jesus leading the way, and the disciples were astonished, while those who followed were afraid. Again he took the Twelve aside and told them what was going to happen to him’ .

He went to share this thought:

And there it is in a sentence – all the pre-mission nerves, anxiety and stress. All those reasons not to go on mission, everything that happens to throw us off course and make us think of quitting… But here is the thing:
Jesus Leads, the disciples are Astonished (that he is going there, that he is doing this?) and His followers were Afraid (of what? Of what might happen to them? Or to Jesus?) ..  And yet they followed.
They followed Jesus.

That was when I knew I couldn't say no!

As we ALL go out, please pray that we will be guided by the Holy Spirit to those we need to meet. And that, regardless of words or actions, whether confident or fumbling and nervous, we will share Christ with them.  Tell them how much they are loved.

Thursday 26 May 2021

envelopes 300px

Sending letters and posters to all the churches within a short distance of the path.coming soon poster 200pxwide

Friday 21 May 2021

david rucksac practice
With just over 28 days to go, we are well on the way with the planning for this mission.  Tomorrow, Saturday 22nd May is our penultimate training session (Barnsley) and will be led by our Evangelist, Dan Holland.  (Note the next training is in Wolston on 10 July.  There is another in Torbay on 7 Aug but that's only applicable for WtW for the last 3 weeks and really for the Torbay mission which runs 18 - 26 Sept 2021).

Still time to sign up and be involved as a team member and or Prayer Warrior (see here for details).  Although the early weeks are full now, there are still places on week 5, 17 July, onward.  Please do get in touch.

David Baslington writes, 'I'm practicing carrying a rucksack, starting low (5kg currently) and will build up to my week which is Wk 2 West starting June 26'.