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Listed below are the up and coming events and training weekends that TFM are running in the near future.  

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For more information on any of the events listed below or to sign up for a mission or training weekend please contact the TFM office.

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8th June to 9th June        Training Event Ireland.   To be held in Cavan, Northern Ireland.

22nd June        TFM annual conference 2019 to be held at St Peter's church, Yaxley, Cambridgeshire.  Book here


29th June to 30th June     Training Event in Belfast, Northern Ireland

6th July to 7th July         Training Event to be held in Barnsley in the North of England.

19th July to 21st July        Training weekend St Austells, Cornwall.

3rd August            Team Leader training.  Invitation only.

14th September to 22nd September    Mission in Blackpool lead by Dave Robbens

20th September to 22nd September        Harvest mission weekend led by David Culhane at St Paul's church Peterborough.

21st September to 6th October 2019        A mission in Ireland lead by Jim Flemming.  150 team members needed.


2nd November to 10th November        A week long mission to Tenerife lead by David Culhane.  Team members by invitation only.

30th May to 7th June 2020    Faith in the Fens   Details TBE