Future events


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Wherever possible, we continue to provide training events so please do consider booking in.  We particularly need to prepare for missions later this year and into 2021.

All events will follow strict covid social distancing rules.  Staff will wear masks/visors and all participants are asked to wear masks at all times during the event.


Listed below are the up and coming missions and training events that TFM are running in the near future.  

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For more information on any of the events listed below or to sign up for a mission or training weekend please contact the TFM office.

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23 January 2021     Training Day Reading

6 February 2021     Training Day St Austell

13 February 2021    Training Day Torbay


27 February 2021  Training Day Chigwell Row,  Essex

6 March 2021    Training Day Wednesbury

20 March 2021    Walk the Way Commissioning service

25 - 28 March 2021   Peterborough Mission

27 March 2021    Training Day Peterborough

27 March 2021    Training Day Anglesey

28 March - 4 April 2021   Anglesey Mission

24 -25 April 2021     Walk the Way Team Leader and 2ic Briefing weekend 

June to September 2021    Walk the Way mission.  Following the Via Beata pilgrimage route across the UK.

18 to 26 September 2021      Torbay Mission