what we do

Through Faith Missions (TFM) works alongside churches and other Christian organisations to train and equip them in outreach and mission.  We have a team of staff and trained volunteers who can help plan outreach events, train local members, give support during missions and offer advice on follow-up and discipleship.



Street work 2A mission is a focussed time from a single event up to a number of weeks where we reach out to those outside of the normal church community with the gospel.  Even in our multimedia, tech-dependent age we believe that one of the most effect ways of reaching people with the gospel is one-to-one.  Whether in an existing relationship such as friends and neighbours, or with strangers in the street, we can share our faith. 

TFM will work with you to plan, prepare, encourage and train.  We will provide experienced people to work with you both in preparation and as a team of 'extra workers' during the mission itself.





trainingTo prepare for mission we run preparation courses to plan and prepare and encourage as many as possible to be involved.  However the courses are suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to share their faith story. 

Our training events are usually run over a 24 hour period from a Friday to Saturday evening and are very practically based. We also run days and half days if that works best.

Topics covered in the teaching include:

An Introduction to TFM

The people we need to be (holiness)

Telling your story

The Gospel message

Helping an enquirer

Door to door and street work

Schools' work.

During a typical training event there will be opportunities to practically try what you have learnt, visiting pubs and knocking on doors in the local area, supported by experienced TFM staff and team members.

To check if we have an event arranged or to schedule an event in your church please contact us.