Roger's ministry

roger and cross


Roger's background


Roger Murphy is an itinerant associate evangelist with TFM and has been on the staff since 2004. However, his association with Daniel and TFM goes back to the late 70’s when Daniel came to lead a mission in north London. He is a Church Army Captain and has been an itinerant evangelist since 1989. Prior to joining TFM he was a staff evangelist with CPAS for 10 years.

Mission events

roger 2Roger leads missions and speaks at evangelistic events for people of all ages across the United Kingdom and Ireland. He speaks at one off events, mission weeks and has a particular ministry for evangelism among men and interest in sport.  His non-Christian background helps him share the Christian faith outside the church and he has spoken in pubs, prisons, clubs, open air, streets and has had the privilege of seeing many people come to faith.


Churches and partnerships

Roger works with a variety of churches across the denominations in mission preparation and planning. He frequently partners with local churches across a longer period of time to help them become evangelising churches.

He also encourages local Christians to be involved in evangelism and draws in team members from outside to enhance the outreach. He has partnered with Paul Woodman, a Christian escapologist and illusionist, on many occasions.


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