David Culhane's Ministry

David writes a brief introduction about himself;

David Culhane Weymouth'Born and brought up in a Christian family, I had the benefit of a good grounding in the Christian faith from an early age and was duly confirmed at the age of 15.  I would have called myself a Christian but by the time I was 18 things like sport, girls, jobs and money took much more of my time and attention.  Getting married at 24 to a lovely Christian girl didn't really change anything much until my early 30s when I saw again the crucial importance of the Cross and Resurrection and it was then that my life started changing towards being Christ centred.
For the next nearly 20 years I got fairly heavily involved in my local C of E church running the Youth Group, leading a Home group and 15 years as a Churchwarden.  Parallel to this I held down three very senior financial jobs in the City of London, one after the other.

David Culhane preaching
In 1989, this particular rat escaped the rat race in order to set up my own business locally and have more time for my family, my church and myself.  Within a year I had come across Through Faith Missions and, in particular, the planned Walk of 1000 Men mission down the Pennine Way scheduled for May 1991.  I duly got trained and volunteered for this Walk, the first of many Walks of this nature.  I found it a life changing experience seeing God work in front of my very eyes and I have been involved with TFM ever since. I joined their small staff team in 1994 and from 2013 to 2019 served as a member of the Archbishops' College of Evangelists , a huge honour and more a recognition of the pioneering work TFM does in Evangelism rather than anything I have done.

My role in TFM is to work with single churches or groups of churches as they set off to plan and prepare a mission with us.  I feel strongly that mission is a partnership between the local church or churches and TFM and God and that is my guiding principle.  I am a regular team leader and an occasional area evangelist for our larger missions.'