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God gave the vision for this new initiative to Richard Scott, TFM's lead evangelist.

Richard writes:

The vision was received in April 2014. God expressed His desire for evangelism to systematically cover Britain, requiring unprecedented collaboration; and He gave me a number : 50,000 evangelists.

Talking Jesus

Waiting for a green light, aCross Britain lay dormant until the Summer of 2015, when the Lord prompted me to speak to leaders of UK churches and organisations.  The key moment came when the Talking Jesus * survey results were released in Autumn 2015.  These statistics confirmed again that ministers can only reach 1% of their parishioners, requiring their congregations to reach the other 99%. Secondly, the highest cohort of practising Christians – 44%,  were told not about Christ by Billy Graham, J. John or (dare I say) TFM, but by their friends.  The problem is most Christians are not able to do so, for while 2/3rds of non-believers know a practising Christian and 85% Christians believe it is their job to share their faith, 40% of non-believers have never had a conversation about God with their believing friend.

Two ways of working

These numbers, allied to what God had already given me, showed me that TFM must now work in two linked but distinct ways :

1.    To continue to deliver mission after mission – our staple diet for the past 30 years

2.    Attached to this is the overwhelming need to train each and every willing believer to be more confident, able and open in sharing their faith. In doing so, 50,000 witnesses will be released aCross Britain

Ready for the off - but we need you!

So far, the vision has been shared within TFM, to leaders I’ve met and to evangelists at two conferences in January 2017. Having spent the latter half of 2016 adapting TFM’s training materials to be of use for non-evangelists, aCross Britain is now ready for the off. The training programme involves theory and practice (using our TFM faith questionnaire), spread over 3 weekends. The middle weekend will require experienced TFM missioners to assist in the practical aspects of helping people share their testimonies, in using our questionnaires and in helping allay fears and in answering their queries. This will also allow our experienced members to pass on their knowledge and to use their skills, without having to commit to an 8 day mission.

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More locations please - what about yours?

Currently, we are in conversation with church leaders across the country. However, we are actively seeking more opportunities for outreach!

If you would like to have a preliminary conversation concerning aCross Britain with me, please contact me at

*  Read the "Talking Jesus" booklet here