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A report on the progress of the Walk the Way mission
Sat 19 June to Sat 4 Sept




This page reports on Weeks 6 to 11.  Weeks 1 to 6 can be found here.

Day 78 Saturday 4 September
Walk the Way completes!

What an amazing 3 months it has been.  WtW came to an end as the east and west teams met for the Celebration and thanksgiving service (part of our annual conference) at Redhill Christian Centre.

E11 arrives at Redhill

Testimonies were shared.  Friendships renewed as team members past and present gathered to give thanks to God.  As one person said, 'I had my reservations, both personal (I like my food!) and more generally along the lines of 'how effective would this be'. Oh me of little faith.'   

redhill courtyard

What next?  Many have said 'Now we have done east to west why not north south?'! That will take some praying and planning; we'll let you know.


In the meantime, there are 3 more missions planned for this year and we hope to get some more training events in the diary also.  Check our calendar here for updates.

Also, we hope to produce a magazine with many of the images and testimonies from team members.  We will let you know when that is available.  

Day 77 Friday 3 September


Kevin reports.
Caught a 'fish' in Jephson Gardens; a lapsed Catholic.   The team completed the canal part of Via Beata  and went to Hampton Magna to do door to door work.  Plenty of good conversations. We're going over to Warwick today, Friday, to also do door to door and praying. hoping/expecting to find those whom Jesus wants us to share His love with. Every Blessing Kevin.



A series of videos of their work in Snittersfield.



W11 team Snittersfield Thursda

Day 76 Thursday 2 September

Celia Spiers, Church Warden in Snittersfield talks about having the team in the village.

The team arrive in Snittersfield knowing that they are expected.  They even find a poster on the notice board!

W11 Thursday Snittersfield

The team arrive

And settle down in their accommodation.


Day 75 Wednesday 1 September


Kevin reports.  

We walked the Via Beata yesterday along the canal - some conversations.  Called at a pub and a guy called David recommitted his life to Jesus.  The team are upbeat about this because he came out of the pub saying "Are you people of God?", after a previous conversation with his mate.

We walking around Jephson Gardens today - a good place to fish! Every Blessing Kevin



Dan reports from Studley on Tuesday evening.


Day 74 Tuesday 31 August


We received this late last night from the team.


Day 73 Monday 30 August

W11 update

George reviews the day.


The team have been door to door in Whitnash which they describe as a 'hard area' with plenty doors closed to them. 

Kevin writes, 'We're all ok and being well looked after in different houses; we even have beds.  We have been doing lots of survey forms in Jephson Gardens and door to door, a good place to be for survey work no one come to Christ yet.

Steve and Pat have just been ministering to a homeless guy.  We will walk along the canal tomorrow.'

Please pray for,

  • D who has cancer.
  • P, a Sikh, challenged by the Gospel and going to University in January.
  • A spiritualist who Jane and Steve met.


Moving from Cookhill to Studley on Monday morning. 


Day 72 Sunday 29 August
W11 Extra

Gerard reviews today, Sunday.



Phil on Team W11 report on their first day.  The handover was at Dormston to Cookhill Baptist church - about 8 miles.


Day 71 Saturday 28 August

Handover day for the final week.

E10 handover to E11

E10 to E11 handover


Paul reports 'Along the canal we are starting to find people who have already been spoken to by W teams and they are asking us how our walk is going and they already have been given KGP.
Today has been very quiet but as many people have wanted to pray for us today as we for them.' 


David Reports on Friday evening.  'So, this morning while I was getting lost on non existent and badly marked footpaths the rest of the team were doing great work on the doors and chatting outside Himbleton Church. We had two cash donations that we will probably not be able to spend as there is no where on route now to spend it, so the next team may get off to a flying start with food and some funds.

Thanks to Liz for her kindness in opening the Church at Dormston and then bringing us fish and chips and such a warm welcome. We really have been blessed this week with meeting extraordinary people on both sides of the fence, thank you Lord. Also a huge thank you to our prayer support team without whom all this would not have been possible.

Thank you all who have donated either food or funds while we have been walking this week. God bless you all.'

Day 70 Friday 27 August


Paul reports that, 'We felt led to go to Broadwell.  This lovely lady asked if she could do our washing and gave a bed for Elizabeth and cooked breakfast for us all in the morning.'
E10 FridayE10 Friday2



The team had a day of walking yesterday with little contact with people on the way.  Time praying and blessing the land they travelled through.
Lat night they were welcomed and accommodated at Himbleton Church thanks to Ted, the Church Warden.  And a great welcome 'turned an average day in to a great one' says David.
W10 Himbleton ThursdayW10 Himbleton Thursday Mervin

Day 69 Thursday 26 August

David reports: The West 10 team are now slightly north of route at Fernhill Heath Baptist Church. Our thanks to Fernhill Baptists for accommodating us after we found that Hindlip Church is now effectively part of the police centre for Worchester!  Many thanks, however, to Laura the Church Warden and to Dick, the Chaplain to the Police and Ambulance centre, who put us in touch with Geoff the minister at the Baptist Church who in turn allowed us to sleep here Wednesday night. Thanks also to Roy who, with his wife Bronwyn, welcomed and opened up for us and all today who have supported us in any way.

During the time the team spent in the City centre of Worcester they spoke with may people and saw another life given to Christ.  Please pray for the conversations, for seeds sown to be nurtured and brought to life, particularly the person who recognised Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

W10 Fernhill Bap inside

Day 68 Wednesday 25 August
E10 update

Paul has written to say that a recurrent theme has been that men they are meeting are saying that their wives will be pleased we have spoken with them because they are always praying for them.


The team are walking alone the canal near Worchester and have met a couple involved in chaplaincy to the boating community at the 'Festival of Water'.


The team reached Leamington Hastings last night and given accommodation and generous provisions at All Saints church there thanks to Karen.

Paul reports  'So far we have had deep conversations with and prayed for 62 people with 60 giving us their names and, in almost all cases, we have urged them to make a personal commitment.
We have had a comfortable night and  today we plan to be in a village called Broadwell with some door to door.  Please pray for us to meet the people He has in mind. Pray Elizabeth's boot holds out and for Stephens hearing.
We are trusting in some provision for this evening.
Bless you as you pray.'

E10 Leamington Hastings

Day 67 Tuesday 24 August

W10 update

Photos from working in the Worchester town centre.  David Robbens reports, 'Great day in city centre today. Some great conversations, some average ones and some non existent, but lives given to Jesus. Praise God. Thanks also to John and Jan of the Boating Christian Fellowship who both fed, financed and encouraged us.

Tomorrow we leave Worcester City and head out along the canal tow path towards rural Britain again. West 10 team.'

worchester centreworchester centre3

And they found someone else also witnessing.

worchester centre4



Team E10 got a 'noisey' wake up call from the geese this morning but give thanks for a safe night out in the open!  Now packing up to move on for the day, hoping for good conversations.
E10 geese alarm clockE10 Tuesday morning


The team have now moved on to Worchester and are staying at All Saints Church for a couple of nights in a portacabin usually used by the Scramblers, a young children's group.  They are grateful to Mark for his help in organising this.  They plan to spend today out in the town centre speaking to as many people as possible.

all saints worchestermark worchesterportacabin all saints worchest


Day 66 Monday 23 August

The team meeting people on the path.  Steve and Elizabeth by a VB way marker (Paul taking the photo).IMG 20210822 084641

But they can't stray off the path though - mission can be dangerous!

IMG 20210822 105608


The team are not where we should not be due to navigational error by team leader but have been able to buy lunch with some of the funds given yesterday AND had 3 brilliant conversations as a result.  Not quite sure why Mike is inflicting such pain on Chris!?



Day 65 Sunday 22 August


Huge thanks to the congregation at Cotheridge who we joined for Evening Prayer tonight and their amazing generosity in providing food for tonight, a place to sleep and finds for continuing onwards towards Worcester tomorrow.

Sunday roast : )

Boradwas CourtstaffatRoyalOak
And generosity continues! Thank you to the Royal Oak at Broadwas Court, they need more fantastic staff like Sharon and Freddie too!

Cothridge Church joining eveni
We are now at Cothridge Church where we will join in evening prayer.


Day 64 Saturday 21 August



Before changing teams on Saturday

Via Beata Waymark Bench at Talbot, Knighwick

getting readytakingoverholywater

E10 getting ready to go out!                                                                                       Handing over the water


Giving thanks for what has been and praying for what is to come!

Day 63 Friday 20 August

 Approaching M1 !

Arthur lending a hand with Watford Staircase locks : )

E9...walked to Braunston, met a lady on the hill... prayed with her, 'So glad you came by!' she said .. met and prayed with another couple, then on through the village to the church. It was locked, Vicar away, no churchwardens to be found. But a passing couple said 'bang on the door next to the vicarage'. And so we met Nigel and Judith ....passionate Christians and supporters of Via Beata. Now we have a coach house to sleep in and food to eat! And we overlook St Peter's Wolfhampcote ...the end beckons!
Breakfast for four this morning : )

Knightwick Chapel
Funny day today, just a couple of people to talk to, but a huge thank you to Ray and Elizabeth who we met at Suckley Knowl who contacted us through the office and who provided us with lunch. 
We are staying at Knightwick Chapel tonight ready for change-over to week 10 tomorrow noon.


Day 62 Thursday 19 August

Breakfast delivered by both churchwardens at 7:50am! David and Tim spent a while sitting on a bench in the churchyard...so many conversations, surveys, prayers .... Arthur and Tom were in the doors. The time in the churchyard culminated in an offer of lunch from the wonderful Peggy and Mike (a retired URC minister) .... When told there were actually 4 in the team they didn't bat an eyelid...you all must come! 
We were actually a little late keeping that appointment, which led to the awesome sight of David running - a blue gazelle darting here and there through the estate, seeking the house (and his lunch).
After lunch we were back on the bench and the doors, before supper arrived courtesy of Richard and Val (many thanks) and Chris the churchwarden arrived to share it with us. A good evening feeding back and prayer. 
Onto Braunston tomorrow!
Our spot for Thursday night, St James Church at Bishop Stanton.

Via Beata sign on the walk

Prayer and praise from the top of St Peter's church tower before setting off from Bromyard.
We have had a wonderful time in Bromyard, thank you Rev Kina and all we have met at St Peter's.

Day 61 Wednesday 18 August


Wednesday was absorbed by joining morning prayer and Bible study groups followed by lunch with Mark and Jenny thank you.
Afternoon off for the team. However it's impossible to stop them! Two did some lawn mowing and hedge cutting and then visited    bowling club and pub whilst other was in pubs most of afternoon. 

We held a healing and deliverance service at St Peter's in the evening. 
Perhaps not quite such a rest day, but a great one thank you Lord.


Food to us
Wednesday...Walked to Watford village, paused for lunch and on to Long Buckby. Church locked, no answer from phone numbers on the board. So we waited on God. Phil turned up...he is a councillor, an excellent fellow  and knows everyone. So he found Helen, who kindly opened the school hall and she found churchwarden Richard...together they bought us supper! 
Did some surveys on the street and some prayer walking.

Viabeata SignE9selfie
E9 were destined to spend this night in a church where the clock struck not just the hours, but the quarters too...
However late last night we had a visitor, Sandy, back from holiday who had seen the church lights on and come to turn them off. Tom asked if he could turn off the clock bell. He could...and he did!
Silent Night ..all is calm, all is still.
A good night's sleep
We have awarded Tom the no-bell prize...

Day 60 Tuesday 17 August


Walked back across via beata to Bromyard today. Rev. Mina welcomed us with lunch in the Falcon hotel and we look forward to whatever comes next in Gods plan for the team.


WhatsApp Image 2021-08-17 at 0WhatsApp Image 2021-08-17 at 1
Walked on to Ravensthorpe ....but felt the need to press on to West Haddon. Met one guy out for a walk. Arrived at church..it was open! Rang the churchwarden who knew about us because the guy on the walk was her son! 
We can sleep in the church...
Did some door to door...good conversations. But we are missing the 'person of peace' here. No evening meal, but we do have £30 donation...we just need a takeaway!
Evening a lady arrives in the church asking for prayer, and a gentleman passing outside also asks for prayer. 
And then a fish and chip van arrived....the only day he visits this village, the queue is lengthy but we are near the front!
And our lunch for tomorrow has just been brought in by the lady we spoke to earlier!

Day 59 Monday 16 August

E9 update

We met a number of people on the Via Beata today.  One lady was delighted to hear she was walking a pilgrimage route though she did not have faith. I asked what we might pray for her and she said ' the emptiness I feel inside'. That is why we Walk the Way.

W9 report

VB trail marker spotted today so the team know they are going on the right path!

E9 report

W9 concert
We spent this morning (Sunday) walking the village... conversations with a number of people; in the afternoon attended two churches that were open for tea and cake. We were blessed by hearing two extraordinary stories of healing! Evening 12 people came to the impromptu  concert, which is superb,  and that too was excellent...a great time of hope, of blessing and of  encouragement for those attending.  Tomorrow we move to East Haddon ..where the church should be open for us to sleep in.

E8 Reflection

George Martin reflects on last weeks east team for week 8.

Day 58 Sunday 15 August

W9 report

After spending the morning at the church, the team have moved on following the Via Beata to see where God leads them and who they can speak with alone the way.

E9 report

The Team are in Church Brampton and, as usual, Tom has found some gardening to do!


Day 57 Saturday 14 August
E8 to E9 handover

The teams meet and handover at Northampton and Lamport railway station.
E8 to E9 handoverE8 to E9 water handover

W8 to W9 Handover

Team W8 hand over to team W9 led by Dave Robbens at St Mary the Virgin Church Marden.  Also there to meet and great was Mike Wilkinson, a veteran of many missions over the years.

W8 to W9 handover

Day 56 Friday 13 August

(Sorry for the delayed content.  The office is not in the office but on the road at the moment so access to the interent is limited).

W8 Report

Hereford High Street - W8 had a great morning. We worshiped for over an hour and spoke to and prayed for a huge variety of people. There was much favour and we were offered money for food which we instead passed to a homeless person. God is good

E8 report

George reported that, 'Last night at 9pm supper arrived unexpectedly curtesy of Nick and this morning the ladies have gone for breakfast at Sarah's who I met this morning at 7.15am while I was sitting by the village pump.  Divine appointments again and again. E8 Friday 13th August.'  They had lunch in the village hall in Holcot today.  Whilst walking, Debbie had a conversation with Corrine.

Day 55 Thursday 12 August
W8 report

Dan writes: We had a walk in the sunshine to Burghill and have made ourselves comfortable in the church here. We have prayer walked the village and worshipped on the green on the green. Rev Phil is going to lead us in a short communion service after supper.

Tomorrow we may well conduct surveys around the village and look for prophetic opportunities with locals.

E8 update

Mandy had to take a C19 test as her sister has Covid.  The test was negative.  We seem to be under attack the whole time we feel.

Safely arrived at Scaldwell church where the 4 ladies are sleeping tonight with us 2 in a house.
Divine appointments on the way here and when we got here.

We are giving thanks having just heard they we have somewhere to sleep tomorrow night. We thought we should be there last night but God wanted us in Walgrave last night and Scaldwell tonight.How do we know this?  Because of divine appointments again and again.

E8 Reports

George Martin reports
So in the last 36 hours we have been given a roof over our heads, then the ladies moved out into there own luxurious quarters, we been told  how spiritually uplifting we have been (of  course that was the Lord not us), we have been given a brand new pair of trainers for Mandy, an answer to prayer and a divine appointment. We have a lady, Jane, who lent us a fridge.

We also have another amazing lady ,Katrina,  searching for accommodation for us on Friday having almost certainly got accommodation for Thursday in Scalwell.

We are being blessed with good measure pressed down, shaken ,pressed down and running over. 
What an awesome God we have .Alleluia.

Day 54 Wednesday 11 August
E8 report

We understand that the team have now moved on from Wellingborough to Walgrave where they are staying tonight. Although no accommodation was arranged, they have just heard that the 4 ladies will be billeted in an annexe, leaving the 2men to sleep in the church.

However, before they leftWellingborough, George sent in these reports.

Mandy had a problem with her shoes and a message went out to see if someone could lend her a pair.  The response has that Nick and Trudy went out and bought her a new pair.  Thank you Lord for such generosity.
Shoe thanksNew shoes

The E8 team with Father Ben outside St Marks, Queensway, Wellingborough. This parish is off the official route .On  Sunday at 4pm we didn't know where we were going on Monday but at the tea and cakes Rev John Seaman turned up and said 2 of us could stay with him in Queensway and Father Ben would host 4 and could we stay at least 2 nights but the whole week would be better!  What an amazing God we have.

E8 team Wednesday

W8 Report

W8 worshipping outside the shopping arcade in Credenhill. One man approached us to speak about a spiritual hunger he has developed. We prayed for him and encouraged him to keep searching for Jesus.  On the right is Keith, who should have joined WtW last week but was ill.  He has joined the W8 team on Tuesday and all being well will continue to serve with W9 also.
W8 singing Wednesday

Keith reflects on the day.

Day 53 Tuesday 10 August
W8 Report

Update from this morning from Dan.

W8 Monday walking

Daniel reports.
The beginning of a beautiful 10 mile walk to Bredwardine along the river Wye. We had some lovely chats with other walkers and only got soaked once.

Jack and I visited a couple in Bredwardine yesterday evening and shared for a hour with them. This morning before leaving for Credenhill we posted a card and message through their letterbox. We all did some friendship evangelism in the pub last night. Seeds have been sown and we trust God to water them.



Day 52 Monday 9 August
W8  Report

The team leaving Bethesda Chapel at Hay-on-Wye for Bredwardine.

W8 at bethesda chapel
E8 Report

George reflects on Monday.


E8 Set off Monday morning

The team moved on to Wellingborough and were grateful for accommodation and support from Rev John and Fr Ben there.  Sadly, a fatal stabbing occurred in the area and a planned prayer time took on a different perspective as a consequence.  The team felt that their presence and involvement was Spirit led and very timely.  They express grateful thanks for all who are praying.

Day 51 Sunday 8 August

W8 Report

Frank gives an update from the W8 team in Hay on Wye.

E8 Report

George gives a quick update from the team as they start walking the Via Beata trail after the handover service on Saturday.  Front to rear, Elizabeth, Mandy, Pat and Debbie in shot with Rev Rachel.

Day 50 Saturday 7 August

E8 Report

E8 are staying at Bethesda Chapel today.  They were able to meet and give testimony at a fish n chips supper there this evening as George, on his 4th week of mission, reports.


W8 Report

The handover service for team W7 to W8.  Watch out for our newest recruit, Pepper (the dog!), already on the case for seeking out people.

Jack gives a review of the first day for W8


E7 report

Jeremy writes.
Clopton to Bythorn doing Walk The Way along the VB. On route some shelter from rain showers but not completely (we got wet!). 

Reched Bythorn Church for lunch snacks. Did a few doors and also gleaned some local intel. Decided to head off to Keyston keeping to the VB. Did one survey there with lady who was a Christian. Headed off on a long leg of VB to Raunds. Given free chips and burgers from Turkish chippy. Could not find anywhere to stay so ended up at farmhouse with George and wife Sue. Very grateful. Thank you Lord.

W7 report

Lambrini writes.
W7 Friday Walt and Iona
We left Maesllwch castle having been refreshed and walked down to Glasbury.  We knocked on some doors and spoke to several people.

  • A man who’s wife had just had a baby 16 weeks premature, we were able to pray for them.
  • A lady who’s partner had dabbled in the occult and subsequently killed himself we talked with her for quite a long time, sharing testimonies and the gospel.
  • A man from Cornwall who had heard the gospel but had questions about denominations and heaven we shared the gospel and prayed with him. Several other people received a blessing and KGP booklets.
  • We walked on to the village of Llowes and met a lady mowing her lawn we talked with her and shared the gospel, she gave her life to the Lord we prayed with her and gave her a bible.
  • A few doors down we talked with another lady outside her house and she gave her life to the Lord she was a church goer and asked for prayer for her brother.

Praise God for all these encounters.

  (Walt and Iona at Maesllwch castle)

A lovely walk along the Wye valley walk and arrived in Hay on Wye around 5 pm Thank you Jesus for all your goodness and provision.   What a week!

Mark & Lambrini & Maureen

Day 49 Friday 6 August

W7 Report

Lambrini writes.
W7 Thursday
Praise God for blessed encounters today (
Thursday)  in Llyswen and Boughrood.

One man gave his life to the Lord through an open window of his house. We met an elder of Bethesda chapel where we will be staying on Friday night and prayed together. A lady listened intently at the gospel message and said she would consider and took a KGP booklet. We had good conversations with a mother and grown up son and girlfriend outside their house,  they took a KGP booklet and we prayed for them. On our way out of the village we met a lady outside her house she was a Christian and in need of fellowship she had several prayer requests, we prayed for her and she was so thankful and we left her rejoicing. We walked to Glasbury along the river and tonight staying in Measllwch castle!

Thank you Jesus great is Your faithfulness.

E7 Extra

Sorry, office error - I missed this report from Jeremy.....

Gt Gidding back to VB at Lt Gidding Ferrar House. Walked VB to Winwick. Met Martha who gave us water. Did 2 doors. Prompted to press on to small village of Clopton.

Started to rain just as we got to Church at Clopton. Church open. Prayed for us to meet a man and woman of peace. Then met church neighbours, a lovely couple with 3 boys. Invited in for food and drink. Prayer answered, praise God.

Out and about met a few folk, did one door at Manor House. Priest of CoE. Told of church wardens. Great guys. Agreed we could stay in church and sorted outside portaloo toilet. Overnight stay provided. Answered prayer, praise God.

Neighbour arrived with more tea/coffee and snacks. Praise God.

Preparing for W8

Dan shares his thoughts as he prepares to go out with team W8 on Saturday.

E7 report

Jeremy reports from first thing Thursday as the tea sets off for the day.

Walking the trail.

Their final destination for Thursday night.

E7 Thursday 2

Day 48 Thursday 5 August
W7 report

Lambrini writes.
John and Ruth who very kindly put us up, gave us beds and a hearty meal.  We felt refreshed as we set of to witness in Erwood.  The public toilets were a good spot as not many are open now and there were lots of people stopping.  We talked to a family from Weymouth and several other people, shared the gospel, gave the blessing and KGP booklets and prayed with them. One lady confessed Jesus as her Lord.
W7 thursdayW7 thursday3
4W7 thursday4
We carried on through the village and bought a bottle of water at the pub shared the gospel and blessed the owner.  We then walked on and talked to several people outside their houses, shared the gospel and gave out KGP booklets, one man gave his life to the Lord. Also met a Methodist minister and prayed and sang songs with her. We had a lovely time of fellowship at John’s sisters house where we’d left our rucksacks.  
Thank you to all the prayer warriors, praise God for His faithfulness.  Beautiful walk along the Wye valley
And arrived at Llyswen to be greeted by Ursula who opened the village hall for us
Bed for the night!

Maureen, Mark & Lambrini Thank you Jesus!


E7 Report

Jeremy writes about Wednesday.

Realised we had breakfast cereal but no bowls or spoons. Walked out and met a lady over the road named Ann who supplied our need. Thank you Lord.

Finished Gt Gidding doors - whole village done. More good conversations.

Lt Gidding afternoon tea and cake with Revd Fiona and 5 other people at Ferrar House with Way Station. Jamie gave testimony of more recent work of God in his life. Team sang “In Christ Alone” and Gary shared a testimonial message and the gift of Christ.

Good discussions. Thank you Lord for Fiona.


Day 47 Wednesday 4 August
E7 Report

The team are based in Great Gidding Baptist Church now and Jeremy has sent this report.  You may remember that they have previously met Mark, the newly appointed minister there and who has been very supportive.

God seems to be doing a new thing in Great Gidding and breathing new life into the old Baptist Church.

On the doors all day (Tuesday) and at least 4 people prayed to receive Jesus with a number of others said they would consider doing so. At the end of the day a lovely local sister in Christ, Jo, saw the blog and close proximity of our team and provided fish & chips to sustain us. Praise God.


W7 Report

The team have been at St Cewydd’s Church in Aberedw.
Alpha church Tuesdaymaureen and lambrini

The first photo above shows two hearing impaired ladies they met just before leaving the church. One could speak, the other used sign language. She hoped that God would use her as a missionary in Scotland.

The 2nd image shows Maureen and Lambrini in front of the impressive porch of the Church.

Day 46 Tuesday 3 August
W7 report

The team reported that they were all well and moving from Builth Wells to Aberedw on Monday.  Maureen is able to stay with the team for the week as it is very unlikely that Keith will be well enough to join them.  Please pray for Keith to make a full recovery.

Mark writes.
Thanks for your prayers. Much appreciated and much needed.
1 Peter 1:3-4. 'Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade. This inheritance is kept in heaven for you,..'


E7 Report

Jeremy reports. 
Set off on VB to Lt Gidding via Alconbury Weston, Upton and Coppingford. About 11 miles of VB. Spoke to a number of people on route. In particular, Lisa on a farm, who did a survey and took a KGP. Very busy time getting in the harvest.  And at lunchtime, an opportunity to talk with a couple of locals and give out KGP's.

We also met a young man, Nick, who gave his life to Jesus.

At Lt Gidding met Revd Fiona and two mums, Joe and Hannah and their 3 and 4 children. Played and shared some gospel tricks. Then a further 1.5 miles walk to Gt Gidding Baptist Church and spoke to some villagers who knew the minister, Marc, and came to church on Sunday.

Thanks for all your prayers. God bless.  Jeremy & team

Not sure who is map reading though (see video)!  


Day 45 Monday 2 August
W7 Report

The team are still without Keith who remains unwell and very unlikely to join them at all.  However, they have continued on and are spending a couple of days in Builth Wells at the Congregational Chapel.  Lambini has sent in this report.

Beautiful Congregational chapel where there are services every other week sadly only a handful of people attend.
We've had numerous conversations with people out and about, prayed for them, handed out KGP's and shared testimonies. Feeling blessed by the prayer support and many opportunities to share the gospel. 

We held a café style church service with 3 members of the congregation on Sunday morning; a very blessed time for all involved.

Builth wells chapel entranceBuilth wells chapel insidecafe church

E7 Report

The team stayed at Alconbury yesterday from where Jeremy reports.

We shared in the morning service at Alconbury Parish Church. Good conversations on the doors again  in the afternoon with with a variety of people including atheists and Mormons doing surveys and receiving KGP’s. A young lady and a teenage lad prayed the prayer of commitment. Praise God for the work of His Spirit and for His provision.

Day 44 Sunday 1 August
Team E7 set off

And Jeremy writes:

The team met Marc of Gt Gidding Baptist Church who is letting us stay at the church later in the week.  After meeting at Grace Fellowship “Way Station” in Little Stukeley for the launch service and handover at 12 noon,  walked about 3 miles of the Via Beata to Alconbury.

Met a number of people, did beliefs surveys, good conversations and gave out Knowing God Personally (KGP) tracts.  Did a few doors in Alconbury and one lady prayed commitment prayer to Jesus.

Blessed with food and shelter tonight at Vicarage. Great start. Thank you Lord.